When a customer spends $500 to $799 on their Bon-Ton card, they qualify for Best Of Bon-Ton membership and status. All the benefits Bon-Ton charge customers recieve, plus: *Special Best of Bon-Ton Card *Exclusive Best of Bon-Ton Discount Days *Subscription to Best of Bon-Ton Members Only Newsletter *Priority Customer Service Helpline *Special E-Mail Updates on Events and Offers *Personal Notice of Sales via Phone or E-mail *Personal Check Cashing Privilages (Up to $100) When a customer spends more than $800 on their Bon-Ton charge card, they've earned the Best Of Bon-Ton Marquis member status. All the benefits Bon-Ton customers and Best of Bon-Ton members recieve, plus: *Payment Holidays Twice a Year *Double Club Card Punch Certificate *Free Package Delivery Twice a Year *Thank You Gift *Marquis Rewards Events(+10% off) *Distinctive Best Of Bon-Ton Marquis Card


A customer is eligible for annual membership in the exclusive Golden Hibiscus CLub when they charge $5,000 or more in net purchases a year on their Liberty House Card. Members receive a special gold credit card, complimentary Liberty House services and benefits from select Golden Hibiscus Club partners.
LH Perk$ is a frequent shopper reward program for Liberty House credit card customers. The customer earns 1 LH PERK for every $1.00 dollar charged on their Liberty House card. LH Perk$ will be posted on billing statements. The customer earns LH Perk$ automatically every time they charge with their Liberty House Credit Card and are rewarded with an annual LH Perk$ Award Certificate. LH Perk$ is exclusive for LH Credit Card Customers. The more the customer buys with their Liberty House Credit Card, the bigger their LH Perk$ Award will be. The LH Perk$ Award percentage is determined by the number of LH Perk$ the customer earns annually through January 20th. The value of the LH Perk$ Award Certificate is based on their annual total of LH Perk$ plus Bonu$ Perks.

       Applause Program (Jacobson's)

Applause is a frequent shopper incentive program for Jacobson's customers. When an account qualifies for the Applause program the customer is sent a coupon which is good until the end of the Month that it is issued. Example: If the Account qualifies 9/24, the certificate is dated in early October for use only in October. When a customer spends $1500 or more using their Jacobsons charge card within a calender year they'll be sent a Jacobsons Applause card that is good for 20% off any regularly priced merchandise and services in any Jacobsons store for one day. Each time the customer spends another $500 using the Jacobsons charge card, they'll receive another Jacobsons Applause card. The customer can receive up to 12 cards per year, one billing period. They will automatically qualify to receive Applause cards the next year. Instead of paying 20% of the balance each month, the customer can pay a minimum of only 10% of the balance.

       Loyalty Program (Fashion Bug)

Recognizing and retaining loyal customers is of great importance to retailers. ADU's Private Label Credit Card Software contains programs and Data fields that will support loyalty sales or points, personal rewards asurance, and a variety of POS options for the loyal customer. * Loyalty programs enhance profitibility and increase customer retention. * Rewards customers for reaching sales tiers. * Develope new membership acquisition programs and incentives.